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Restoration Considerations

Perhaps your project involves a property that has experienced a major “remuddling,” or a crisis such as fire or theft. We can duplicate art glass panels existing elsewhere on the property, or recreate pieces that have been lost or destroyed. We work closely with glass manufacturers to achieve the best possible match for your glass. In most cases a photo and dimensions give us enough information to work up an accurate cost estimate and delivery schedule for you.

Or maybe your art glass windows have seen better days. Over the years, art glass can get tired. A panel can sag, buckle or bend. Solder joints can separate. Rebars can detach from the panel they were meant to support. Decades in the blazing sun can cause putty and cement to dry up and fall out, leaving a window loose and drafty.

Art glass provides pleasure and value for your home, but like everything else it needs some maintenance once in a while. A great incentive to make sure your windows are in good shape is the energy savings you will realize year-round when all the parts of your window are as tight as the day they were built.


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