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Hand Beveling

In glass, there are few things more stunning than a hand-beveled leaded panel sparkling in the sun, throwing rainbows around a room. We make bevels by hand in our studio, on restored wheels that were in service at the height of the Victorian era. You won’t find those run-of-the-mill “bevel clusters” here.

Hand beveling is a painstaking, time-consuming process, starting from roughing out the pieces on a diamond wheel and proceeding through several steps to a high polish. But the results are worth it . . . and the rhythmic rotation of the beveling wheels is certainly meditative.

Whenever we can, we bevel old plate glass salvaged from antique mirrors that have been stripped of their silvering. We’ve found that this glass has much better refractory qualities than new, and it’s softer because it contains less iron than the glass made today. (Iron is what gives new glass its blue-green tint.) This softness makes the old glass a joy to polish. Because old plate glass is normally 5/16” thick, our standard 1/2” bevel on old plate appears delightfully steep and rich.

Fine hand beveling is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we can do with our wheels. We also offer zippercuts, starcuts, mitres and honeycombing. In addition to making custom bevels for art glass panels, Curran Glass fashions pieces for Venetian mirrors, face glass for antique clocks and inserts for lighting fixtures.


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