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Glass Staining - Glass Painting

In their book “Chicago Stained Glass” Erne and Florence Frueh say this about colored glass:

The term stained glass is misleading, for rather than being “stained,” the glass is colored throughout by metallic oxides already in the glass or by chemicals infused into the glass while it is still molten.

[Glass] may also be painted with vitreous enamels composed of dark brown or black metallic oxides and ground glass which are fired onto the glass surface.

Painting on glass with these special pigments makes possible the details of plants, animals and scenery you see in landscape and pictorial windows, which famously include certain works of Louis Comfort Tiffany. You also see painted faces, hands, robes, design motifs and so on in windows for churches and synagogues. Once painted, the glass pieces must be fired to make their decorations permanent.

We paint and fire glass in our studio. But this is one area where we sometimes get help from outside artists—especially people who are better than we are at drawing hands and faces!


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